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When you have a new baby there is so much to learn already, so many things you didn’t realize you would begin doing that you didn’t do before the little one came home. Everyday things that you wouldn’t even think twice about. For instance, jumping in the car and heading to a destination unknown. While this is still very possible and will probably happen way more than you imagined because when all else fails taking the little love bug on a drive can be soothing and relaxing for both the baby and mommy and daddy. The only thing that really changes is now you just have to make sure you are actually prepared for those kinds of moments.

For moments like that my friend, my How to Pack your Diaper Bag – 10 Step Checklists will become very handy.

Step 1 – Diapers

This one is pretty obvious and you might think it is nearly impossible to forget to pack, but just remember… nothing is impossible! If you’re wondering just how many diapers you may need…. you should pack at least one for every hour that you will be gone, then a few more just in case.

I personally like to have diapers in my diaper bag or backpack as well as keep a little stash in my car. Remember I said, “nothing is impossible” I have been in situations where I thought I had diapers in the bag left over from the day before or someone else packed the bag and I didn’t do a triple check. Then it’s off to the store we go to buy more diapers because there wasn’t any in the diaper bag!!!!

Another favorite of mine is when your going to run a “quick” errand and think you will only be gone 10 or 15 minutes so you just don’t even bring your diaper bag, but you end up begin gone an hour or two!!! Trust me this will happen to you if it hasn’t already. This is a perfect example of why having a little extra stash in the car is a good idea.

Step 2 – Wipes

Another obvious necessity. Don’t forget to pack your wipes – you are not going to like when your precious baby leaves you with a not so sweet gift in their diapy and you’ve got nothing to clean him up with….. yikes! That just sounds like a dirty mess I wouldn’t want to be in. Wipes are another good one to add to your little stash of extras in the car.

Step 3 – Changing Pad

You may or may not use a changing pad while your out and about. This one is really up to you and your personal preference. However, most (if not all) diaper bags come with a changing pad already attached to it, so you might want to just leave it in there. Other things work just as well like using a little blanket since you will more than likely have more than one with you.

I think changing pads are really easy and convenient and probably a cleaner option too. All you have to do is, lay it out, change your baby and when your done you can just wipe it off with some sanitary wipes and put it back in your bag without worrying about all the germs that would stick to the blanket if you were to go that route.

Step 4 – Extra Clothes

When it comes to packing extra clothes for your baby try to remember where your going and how long your going to be gone and that your baby is just a little baby and depending on the size, in this case, I’m thinking infant they don’t really need too much. A few extra onesies will probably be enough. Try not to over pack and take things you don’t need. I like to have one or two extra outfits for my son.

I know that when we are home, for the most part, he wears the same outfit all day so while we are out (depending on where we are going) he will still be wearing the same outfit all day. Little babies can be unpredictable though, so make sure you have an outfit or two packed in your diaper bag for those unexpected moments like; spit up or a blowout!

Step 5 – Bottles, Formula & Breastmilk

A hungry baby is a fussy baby so don’t forget her nourishments. If you are strictly breastfeeding, then you won’t need bottles and formula. If you happen to be bottle feeding breast milk then, you will need a few extra bottles and expressed breast milk, chances are you have some freezer bags in the freezer or refrigerator ready to go – so just grab enough for however long you will be out (babies typically eat every three hours) and don’t forget ice packs to keep the milk fresh and cold.

If you are formula feeding then you will definitely need a few bottles and I recommend using a formula dispenser like the Accmor Baby Milk Powder Formula Dispenser, Non-Spill Smart Stackable Baby Feeding Travel Storage Container, BPA Free, 5 Compartments, 2 Pack, it makes formula feeding easy for on the go, you can easily dispense pre-measured formula into your baby’s bottle for the perfect amount every time. Another great option (if your brand of formula carries it) is the single serve packets. I personally used Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Infant Formula – Clinically Proven to reduce fussiness, gas, crying in 24 hours – Brain Building Nutrition Inspired by breast milk – Single Serve Powder, 17.6g (14 packets). Gentlease worked wonders for my little man and other family members little ones!

Step 6 – Blankets/Swaddles

Pack your babies favorite blanky, babies find comfort with items they can smell your scent on. Depending on the season and the temperature outside will determine what type of blankets to pack. If it’s cold then one or two little swaddles and a warm cozy blanky will do, but if it’s hot then maybe just one or two swaddles will be good enough. Baby’s body temperature fluctuates much different than ours. See below for tips on how to swaddle your baby.

Tips to Swaddle your Baby:


1. Spread out the blanket and fold down one corner.

2. Place your baby’s head above the folded corner.

3. Wrap one side of the blanket over the body, arms need to be tucked inside, then tuck under your baby.

4. Now, fold up from the bottom. (think of wrapping a burrito)

5. Finally, wrap the other side of the blanket across your babies body and tuck the extra (if any) part of the blanket for extra security.

Other important steps to include:

Step 7 – Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizing is always important not only for the baby but for you and everyone else around. A few good sanitizing item options to have in your diaper bag are: Baby Bum hand spray sanitizer, Babyganics Alcohol-Free hand sanitizing wipes or Babyganics Alcohol-Free foaming hand sanitizer on-the-go.

Another personal tip – I always like having a mini bottle of hand sanitizer for myself in my car (another stash item) and at least the sanitizing wipes for my son. Wipes seem to be the easiest way to clean up for us.

Step 8 – Pacifier

The pacie or pacifier is another personal preference for you and your baby. For me, I hardly ever had to use one. My son took to the pacie for maybe a day or two when he was around a month or two, then spit it right out! Surprisingly, he wasn’t a thumb sucker either – I guess I lucked out! Even though I never really needed one, for whatever reason I always had at least one in my diaper bag just in case he decided he wanted to start crying hysterically and no other soothing tricks worked.

Parents can get a little desperate at times, so if the pacifier just so happened to work that day and stop my baby from crying then hey – I’m not going to take that little thing out – by all means, get your pacie on!

Step 9 – First Aid Kit

Being prepared when your out and about with your baby is always important. Check out my “Best Baby First Aid Kit” here.

Step 10 – Medicines

If your baby’s doctor has prescribed certain medications then you should definitely have those in your diaper bag! Other things I like to have to those just in case moments are:

1. Tylenol or Motrin

2. Children’s Benedryl

3. Zarbees Cough Medicine

4. Diaper Rash Creams

Home on the Go

Just remember when you are packing your bag – think about where you are going; for instance, if you’re at the beach pack sunscreen, bathing suit and shade cover to list a few or if you’re in the mountains pack a beanie and gloves and some extra blankets to keep warm.

Also, remember how long your going to be out. If your gone a couple of hours, then you’re not going to need to pack the whole box of diapers – just enough for one to cover each hour and possibly a few more for an extra piece of mind. The other items in the How to Pack your Diaper Bag – 10 Step Checklists should be items that stay in your diaper bag. I always liked to buy double that way your always ready whether your out and about or just hanging out at home and your not constantly taking things in and out and risking not having something when you really need it.

You can never be too prepared! Don’t forget about your extra stash in the car………. and while we’re on the topic of not forgetting things with our “Mommy Brain” don’t forget to let me know about your tips on how you pack or diaper bag or feel free to ask any questions you may have.

As Always…

Live Your Best Mom Life,


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  1. Wow! I wished I had found this website when I had my first son. Being a first time mom, I was really insecure when it comes to things to bring. Therefore, I try to stay at home and not go out unnecessarily. This really made me feel depressed for quite a while. One of my biggest fear was not bringing enough diapers. I would very much like to bring as many diapers as possible but it is not possible as my bag was already quite heavy. How I wished someone could tell me the one diaper per hour “rule”. There are also many other practical tips especially on how to swaddle the baby. It was also something which I struggled with. I think first time mothers should read this post.

  2. I find you post to be very important for first time parents as it provide a complete and quick reference checklist that can be when packing baby’s bag. I remember my mom also used to include diapers rash ointment used to prevent diaper rash around bay bottoms and genital areas and baby toys that helps to keep the baby busy and enhance physical development.
    Thanks for your post

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